Women sweatlodge


13 moons - Women Sweatlodge
with Mukta Shilki Pakarina - Temazcalera Sumak Kawsay


 Whispering at the 7 directions
Calling Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers, Daughters
to gather together
to restore our relationships and trust in one another
to bring peace in our female family line



We are meeting at the Key of Llife in Idegem
3th February
17th March https://tickets.thekeyoflife.be/event/women-sweatlodge/
13th October https://tickets.thekeyoflife.be/event/women-sweatlodge-2/

To cocoon in the womb of Mother Earth
supported by our ancestors to remember
how to honour our kinship around the fire
how to rise our vibration with singing and praying
how to cleanse our body, mind and spirit through the steam

To bring relief to the 7 generations of women before us for the sake of the 7 generations after us

You are welcome from 10am, at 11am we will lit the fire and while waiting for the stones to be ready we will have a singing circle

There will be hot herbal tea during the day and a hot soup after the Sweatlodge,
Everyone is invited to bring  an home made vegeterian meal to share.

We should be able to be ready to go home around 7pm

Energy exchange 50 euro, more info after registration at https://tickets.thekeyoflife.be/

Looking forward to meet you
with joy and gratitude


Facilitator Mukta Shilki Pakarina

She consider herself a citizen of the world, a Soul in a human body experience.

Since 1995 she started her journey of self discovery and healing.

During all this years she gathered several instruments to support other in their own process, like Breath work, Tai Chi Chuan, Singing and Sweatlodge.

She is a Vision Quester, Sacred Pipe carrier and Temazcalera (sweatlodge facillitator). She is part of the Sumak Kawsay Foundation and member of the council of the Fuoco Sacro association.

Her experience is enriched by Shamanic encoounters in Guatemala, Siberia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Uk.

She is aware that she is just at service, so that everyone can be inspired to take their life in their hands and become the best version of themselves.




May we all walk in beauty together
Mitakuye Oyasin
For all our Relations

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Register via contact@thekeyoflife.be

What to bring?
A piece of fruit to eat in between
A meal to share after the first sweat lodge
A shawl, swimsuit / bikini, ... (optional) and a towel / bathrobe
Slippers or shoes that easily go on and off and that you can leave at the sweat lodge
Clothing adapted to the weather
Musical instruments
50 euro

What do we provide?
Soup and bread after the sweat lodges and during the day coffee, tea and a biscuit
Parking: please drive in and park at the top
When you come for the first time, the GPS indicates at the beginning of the street that you have reached your destination, drive another 100 meters further to number 98 (high wall with gate).
If you come by train, choose Zandbergen station (between Denderleeuw and Geraardsbergen) and give us a call on 0479 29 79 29

take a light breakfast and drink plenty of water the days before and the days themselves

Heart complaints, varicose veins, blood pressure problems? First contact your doctor