Without rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms in your life.



When people ask me what I do in daily life? I always say that I bring people closer to nature, because brining people closer to nature means bringing then closer to their nature, their essence.

Because in the rush of today, the instant happening, not having time anymore, we somtimes forget that we are part of nature, of our invironment.

Nature, Moter Earth equals our fysical body and often we lost connection with our fysical body, with feeling.


Nature coaching can bring back this connection, its an opportunity to work with our sences, to be in the here and now. It is learning from nature to find direction in life, to give direction in our lives, to see our situation clearly and walk our path with focus.

The longest path in our life, is the path from our head to our hart a Shaman once said.


This trajectory can exist in 1 to 1 sessions where we go into nature of where we use nature as a guideline to become aware. We will use exercises, visualizations, NLP, the medicine wheel,....


Perhaps you feel like doing a deathlodge or a Vision Quest or Sweatlogde, all this is possible. See below for more information.


The darkest nights produce the brightest stars

We make use of these kinds or rituals:


Nature coaching



We let ourselves guide and inspire by nature
 We go into dialogue with eachother and nature

 We use all our sences
 We use the cycle of nature ot get things clear
 Out of your head into your body

 Don't walk in front of me, I might not follow
 don't walk behind me, I might not lead
 just walk next to me and be my friend




Let go of what you no longer serves and thank who ever served you.
In this ritual, we first heal what we have to clean up in our past.
Then we say goodbye to our current way of being. To be born back in a healed way.

introduction to the ritual
taking of our masks
building your personal cabin where you spend the night.

Come to the essence of yourself by examining and healing your past. This often helps us clear up invisible themes:
You return to events and encounters with people. The fact that you are on your way to your death will shed a different light on the situation.
Letting go of conscious or unconscious attachments with people or things that you no longer serve you
Uncover unfinished situations with a lot of emotion
You think about how you see your new life and how you want to use your donations.
Investigate your relationship with the Great Mystery throughout your life.
Invite people who have meant a lot to you in Spirit. What else do you want to say to them? Forgive them, thank them, share some last words even those you never dare to speak out.

Healing your relationships and to become whole again is often the most important work during this hut

Choose the new way of forgiveness and gratitude or return to the old.

A death lodge is an awareness process of what is happening in ourselves and who we are in relation to
It is the death of our old way of being.

Vision Quest

Connection yourself back with Gaia, mother earth through fasting and being present. Deep cleaning on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. The regenerative capacity of the body is activated to come into contact with Spirit and your deepest intentions of life.

 It is the search for a vision to get in touch with Spirit. This often takes place in nature, such as on the water, or on a mountain. You can, however, experience the Spirit and the unity of all things everywhere. Based on this, we organize a personal quest here with us in nature or you can interfere with the vision quest in the daily activities.


A Vision quest requires good preparation, therefore it is necessary to start physically and mentally with the transformation. During an intake you will personally see how we can prepare you and where the vision quest will take place.

The vision quest heals our body and our thinking in a powerful natural way. In this way we get a clear picture of what we really want in life, what our passion is.
You will be personally guided in the work before and during the quest itself.

For more information or a personal intake interview, please contact Carla the on 054 24 08 39.