I want to thank you from the bottom of my Heart for opening up your location for the mighty beautiful work that has been done may and may become, through your love for fellow human beings and being life path.
AHO Mitakueya Oaysin. (S)

My experience @ the Key Of Life goes beyond words....
It's a place where I can find myself, a place with no judgement...a result of love and compassion.
It's a place where we speak from the heart to the heart and share our passion and creativity.
It's a place where I can nurture all my senses, A temple of recourcement.
Thank you for the warmth, smiles, tears and hugs...
Coming to the key of life is learning how to respect yourself and express your gratitude for life.
With all my heart, M.

The Key Of Life is always like coming home (A)

Thank you Carla and Wim, it was a very...(I don't find the specific and accurate works but I think you understand) moment in the very right place. See you soon (J)

My Spiritual Awakening. Rebirth. So grateful for really see my true Being and feeling who I AM .
So grateful for Mother Earth, the Universe, our Ancestors and all Spiritual Beings (D)

Het was not an easy job to do, but as a family and as a couple we got a big big present. This was necessary and we are o so grateful. (M)

After the fire with you, it is very normal for me now that I talk about rituals and sound very smoothly. I get a voice in the event, a voice that is allowed. People in this complex world event now and then need an incentive to find themselves back (Their own beautiful ego). The beauty of our own nature lies in nature. You will still see me on another activity with you. (D)

Thanks for the nice day, thanks for this special experience ... thanks for bringing the courage in me up! thanks Carla and Wim for everything. Once again.(A)

Carla, thank you for the incredidable experience. I am so happy with the positive experience. This is unforgetable. Thank you!!! (M)

Carla, I wanted to thank you once again for the beautiful weekend. Found it very special. A lot has come loose and it has brought me a lot. Thank you for all your good care! It feels so nice and homely to be with you.(J)

THANK YOU for your ... professional and wise commitment! Thank you for your inspiration and HELP to me. You are TOP! Good luck, wholeheartedly, with your work and your commitment  (E)

We want to thank you, deeply from our hearts, for the beautiful workshop. Your hospitality, dedication, love and beautiful place always make it so special.  Very much love and heart greetings (P)

First let's say that the sweat lodge was pleasantly experienced for me, less heavy than expected (practice). Thank you for organizing it (W)

Everything goes well with me it was a wonderful workshop for me, one smile comes back again ... Everything fell into place Happy to get to know one's voice ... One's head is good and one's heart feels warm Now I am going to work with the insights / confirmation that I have received. (M)

Thanks for the support and wisdom. The change is very strong and the strength that I felt this weekend strengthens me in my trust and faith to choose my own path (J)


The workshop inspired me to a poem. My eternal thanks for your magnificent guidance. (A)
light The illusion crept so slowly before the eyes
That I thought I knew for sure that I saw clearly.
Now the velvet fingers are broken around the heart;
It was hard and it was soft.
I'm free

I wanted to tell you how happy I am to get to know you better during the sessions. And to feel more connected to you. I thought the way you guided our fire yesterday was incredibly strong. This is really your thing. None of us could have put this so powerfully. It was a unique experience for me. Thanks again for this. Promise me. Continue to believe in your dream very hard. You have a lot of talents. The way you can inspire people and groups is unique. Cherish this. And do not let anyone or anything take this away from you (K)


Wow what a weekend, what a national holiday, that I can spend in a piece of paradise surrounded by light beings. Creating together, growing together, helping each other and shedding light where there was a little bit of darkness before. I thank you all for these precious priceless moments. Thank you for giving life to more and more dreams. Growing together, helping each other, it is possible, and it is allowed, and all that with a radiant smile smile emoticon so I want to live, thank you (A)


Hey Carla and Wim thanks again for a very nice and satisfying afternoon. When I told to my daughter that I was happy that I could take her to a place and people where I can always come home, she asked me what that means mama? Does this mean that you do not feel at home with us at home? After a little more explanation she was very curious and excited to experience. Once with you and after showing the maloka and the garden she told me I understand your mother, I feel at home here and  I only arrived here. That day did her so well. Completely relaxed and charged with possivity, we drove home in the car while singing and dancing. So inspiring that other motorists were doing along it, really hilarious. Thank you for that (I)

I simply wanted to express here with deep sincerity directly from my little heart how much the key of life, you are making the way you both do, and your voices participate highly to the change in my life. (B)

Merci for the warmth, beauty and hospitality that I have experienced in your home and garden during the workshop last weekend ... I certainly also check your other workshops .... Love (L)

How beautiful it can be to experience a 'Rebirth' on the day that we celebrate my birth, with my dearest sister that my transformation process started a few years ago. In the place where I felt safe for years to come back to my own strength .. with an abundance of food prepared by one of the warmest women I know ... and supported by the song that helped me at the time my to find voice (M)

Thank you to remind me my dream, what a connection. Thank you again, so much...Blessings for all you embody and do together, so inspiring... (M)

Yesterday I and my dearest friend had a Challenging, Magical, Powerful and Transformational Walking on Fire experience... 

Yesterday I and my dear friend Annick had undergone a marvelous, challenging, powerful and transformational 'Walking on Fire' experience. Thank you Carla Van Den Eeckhoudt for the beautiful surroundings and good guidance.

Thank you Carla, I am still walking on clouds after Saturday. It was a super experience. The fire is still burning in me ????????       
What a magical experience .... Thank you Carla for the beautiful guidance!


Magnifique initiation à la marche sur le feu, ce samedi. Sous la protection du souffle félin du Puma, dans la puissante énergie de transformation du Phoenix et sous le regard bienveillant de Carla Van Den Eeckhoudt. Infinie gratitude à la Vie et à l'esprit du grand-père Feu pour ce qu'il m'enseigne de plus en plus en profondeur..I feel blessed and still in integration process 




With a love and fascination, I have enthusiastically registered at this workshop and you have fulfilled all my expectations. Thank you very much for this revelation and the insight in clear language. Wim, from now on I walk through the woods with different eyes and maybe give some "breeding value" to some trees and places ... Thank you very much, Carla, for the warm, relaxed and familial welcome! My admiration for creating a magical terrain ... and conveying the passion that we were talking about ... let the spring begin. (W)