Didgeridoo basic course

Basic course Didgeridoo 

Didgeridoo or 'Yidaki' is sometimes called the oldest musical instrument in the world. This eucalyptus stem hollowed out by termites hides a wide range of tones, sounds and rhythms. The Australian aboriginals traditionally were the discoverers and players of this impressive wind instrument.

In this basic course you will learn:
- vibrating the characteristic basic tone or 'drone' in a clear way
- making different sounds
- playing overtones
- rhythm through abdominal breathing
- simulate animal sounds
- Circular breathing (or non-stop blowing)
On top of these techniques you will get a lot of background information about different types of didgeridoos, play methods, spirituality of Aborigine culture, symbolism of their art 'dotpainting',...

Wim who will guide this workshop had the opportunity during a so-called 'Didgeridoo-boom' the beginning of the 2000s to work with, and learn from Gary Thomas, Alan Dargin, Charly Mc Mahon, Mark Athins, Michel Jackson.

Date: 3 times on tuesdayeveing  6, 13 july and 3 august 19:00- 22:00 during summertime
Participation: 60 euro for the 3 lessons (included a practise didgeridoo)
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