Decision making with attention and appreciation for other views around the fire


During these campfire discussions, dialogues are facilitated on the basis of dialogue forms from all over the world:

- think together and not for each other
- using similarities and differences
- encouraging involvement
- all team members speak (their desires and frustrations)
- listening empathically to and reflect on shared experiences


- the circle symbolizes equality, the talking stick goes from hand to hand
- sitting in a circle stimulates togetherness

Talking Stick:
- Whoever holds the Talking Stick is the only one who speaks
- If you do not hold a Talking Stick, you will be silent and listen carefully
- Anyone who has spoken chooses someone from the group who returns what has just been said
- Questions can be asked to understand what it is about, but you can not say anything else
- Those who have spoken, pass the talking stick after he / she feels understood
- Defensive and negative energy is transformed into creative energy

Steven Covey:

             about the talking stick
             Most people do not listen with the intent to understand.

             Most people listen with the intent to reply

- brings peace
- encourages reflection in silence
- has a transformative power

Duration of activity: half a day or a full day max 40 people (possibly more after consultation) 
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