As Carla, adventurer, team leader, coach and trainer, I live from my passion and I especially want to move people to find their passion, the connection with themselves. 
Passionate about life and looking for answers to many life questions, I followed a lot of training and workshops. From energetic massages on psycho-energetics to body-oriented and development-oriented coaching, career coaching, stress and burnout coaching, organizational coaching, shamanism, bio-energetics, energy medicine training, Systemic ritual to classical systemic work, but also the method of Frans Ruppert and so much more.

These courses are seasoned with my experience as a volunteer in guiding people with psychological difficulties who have ended up in social isolation. And with my many travels, my interest in the diversity of people was only sparked.  Furthermore, from my own experience as a hostage, as a victim of a robbery, etc. I want to inspire and motivate people to see possibilities. I have come to the conclusion that the wonderful feeling that exotic travels often give us is also activated when we travel within ourselves