I use different methodologies, including development-oriented, body-oriented, systemic and talent-coaching. The chosen methodology depends on the coachee and the reason for the coaching sessions. For training and experience I like to refer to this item under teh buttom contact.

Developtment-oriented coaching

During development-oriented coaching sessions, the life mission, identity, patterns, self-management, dialogue, self-disclosure and critical reflection are principles that we will translate methodically. 
It is in the here and now looking at your goals. It is facilitating self-learning, experiencing and opting for permanent change. It is a balance between the emotional and rational mind. 
It is also taking distance, integrating and get into action as from the silence. 
In other words, it is meaningful and sustainable development according to the method of the 4 tracks from 'De vork' by Rudy Vandamme.

Body-oriented coaching
Whatever I am looking for, or think I want, no matter how long the wish list is, all my wishes are just a reflection of my desire to come home.

Body-oriented coaching is "working with yourself as an instrument". This means that everything in body-oriented coaching is aimed at experiencing connection with yourself, recognizing patterns, repairing broken connections and being able to enter into contact with the other person from that state. You learn to communicate with yourself and others in such a way that your needs and those of others are recognized and acknowledged.

Pleasant feelings are satisfying needs, unpleasant are not fulfilled needs. Traumatic events cause a disconnection of thinking and feeling to protect body and mind. How do I deal with my own blockades and how does this manifest itself in the contact with the other person? What remains hidden in the contact?  We work through visualizations, relaxation exercises, visual and systemic work. The often unconscious images and sensations that come up reveal the situation or the problems you are struggling with.

Talent coaching 'discover your own key to life'
Whatever you can do or think you can do in your dreams, start with it, in boldness lurks talent. "Goethe

Learn the art of life           Reach out to life                  Develop 'being'                 Harvest the fruits of life 

Systemic coachen
Sometimes you do not feel the heaviness of something that you carry with you until you feel the load falling from your shoulders

It is a way of coaching in which we bring to life the systems that you as a client are part of, so that patterns become visible. 

In the coaching process we use the systemic phenomenological principles to approach these patterns and undercurrents in a system, to unravel them and to make flow and energy accessible again: systems want to be complete, systems wants to exchange, systems look for an intrinsic organization. 

Someone who does not have the right place in the family system often has difficulty in being in his or her strength, taking life to the full and being in harmony with destiny. Even within an organization, your qualities are difficult to flourish if you are not at the right place. 
We often see in family constellations that failure, depression, anxiety and feelings of guilt are caused by something that we carry with us from our family of origin. This is possible through systemic coaching