Walk the fire and become the Phoenix
What is the magic of a tradition that is as old as the world and that inspires and transforms so many people today?


Firewalking stands for:

- Strengthening your inner strength
- Creating trust, team spirit
- Breaking convictions and obstacles
- Overcoming your fears
- Discovering hidden qualities


During the day you will be provided with all possible tools to walk over the fire in the evening. This is a day of intense experience, feeling connected with each other and all that is. Children welcome as from 12 years old.

Dates 2020:  25/01

Arriving around 1:30 pm, we start a 2 pm until 7 pm
Guidance: Carla Van Den Eeckhoudt, certified Sundoor Firewalk instructor by Peggy Dylan
Contribution: 60 euro

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We provide
coffee, tea, water and cookies

What to take with you?

Clothes ajusted to the weather (Jeans or cotton trousers, no synthic vibres)
60 euro

Parking: please drive in and park at the top
When you come for the first time, the GPS indicates at the beginning of the street that you have reached your destination, drive another 100 meters further to number 98 (high wall with gate).
If you come by train, choose Zandbergen station (between Denderleeuw and Geraardsbergen) and give us a call on 0479 29 79 29