De-hostage coaching

Every person has received four gifts: 
consciousness, self-awareness, independent will and creative imagination.
These give us the ultimate human freedom:
the ability to choose, to respond, to change.
Stephen Covey

A dehosting coach can provide a clear view on the beliefs from which you live and provide  insight into the underlaying patterns of your thinking and behavior. Furthermore a de-hosting coach can help you to set priorities,
improve work/private balans, understand your weaknesses and strenghts, overcome obstacles, achieve goals, identify life values,
create an action plan,...


 From where the term de-hosting coach?
I myself was abducted in 2007. From this experience and the insights I gained, I guide people who are stuck in one or another situation.

- This can be a completed relationship / marriage?
- To high mortgage or other financial problems?
- Difficult communication with your relations?
- Problems with parenting?
- Retired and what now?
- The loss of a loved one, how do you deal with it?
- Mild form of addiction?
- Need a push in the right direction?

These coaching conversations can take place in Idegem @ The Key Of Life but are also possible by Skype, telephone or mail.

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