Vision Quest

Vision quest:

a personal encounter with nature and the invisible world.
By means of fasting and being present, the healing and regenerative capacity of the body is activated during a vision quest.
You come into contact with Spirit and with the deepest meaning of your life.
How do you become one with nature, the creative principle, with the divine?
And how does that principle teach you how to stand in your power every moment of your life.



In traditional cultures it is customary to have the vision quest take place in nature / on a mountain, ... often we have to go abroad. However, you can experience Spirit and the unity of all things everywhere. Based on this, we organize personal quest here with us in nature or you can integrate the vision quest into your day-to-day activities.

Laying a good foundation for transformation requires physical and spiritual action and therefore it is necessary to make the necessary time and preparations. 
The vision quest helps us to get a new perspective on the healing of our body and our thinking, and helps us to discover our passion again. 
So you will be personally supervised in the work before and during your 3 days. 

Jan is the person who will guide you through this process, for more information

If you would like more information about this, please contact us on 054 24 08 39

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