Interactive self-resonance

And just like in a partner relationship, the body also wants to be heared.

With the help of interactive self-resonance, which originated in a psychotraumatology (IoPT) developed by Dr Franz Ruppert, you get a profound insight into the consequences of a traumatizing event

During these sessions  we are looking for
- the connection between your question, your desires and your symptoms as a result of a traumatizing event
- recognizing certain dynamics that make it difficult for you in your life after a traumatizing event
- destructive and constructive emotions such as joy, fear, anger, pain and sadness
- emotional, physical and relational health problems
- your inner division and identity development
- the consequences of traumatisation for attachment relationships and therefore for future generations: a multi-generational approach

we strive for
- natural recovery and recovery promoting conditions
- promoting autonomy and restoring control over one's own life
- emotional, physical and relational fitness
- dare to say 'yes' to life again

What is interactive self-resonance as a recovery method?
- a theoretical basis with 'practice-based evidence'
- a three-part trauma model by Dr. Franz Ruppert: trauma, survival parts and healthy parts
- the client's desire is used as a starting point and contract: explicit and implicit limits
- work with 'the sense of desire
- word for word
- interactive self-resonance as a mirror of the inner landscape of the client
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Formations I have followed:
Jaartraining Interakt Centrum voor meergenerationele psychotraumatologie gebaseerd op de werkwijze van dr. Franz Ruppert
Jaartraining Familie en organisatie opstelling Indra Torsten Preiss
Jaartraining Lichamelijk coachen Arend Van Rietschoten
Creatieve therapie  en creatief Agogisch Coachen, VSPW Gent
Master Visualisatie coach Openmind