family therapy

Family therapy with attention and appreciation for other views around the fire


These campfire discussions, dialogues are based on the an old tradition of coming together around the fire with a talking stick.
This kind of being togehter ensures that we stay out of reaction, really listen to eachother and take responsibility for our own part in the conflict/difficulty and find peace in expressing what really lives in us.

           Most people do not listen with the intent to understand.
                         Most people listen with the intent to reply




Talking Stick:
- Whoever holds the Talking Stick is the only one who speaks
- If you do not hold a Talking Stick, you will be silent and listen carefully
- Anyone who has spoken chooses someone from the group who returns what has just been said
- Questions can be asked to understand what it is about, but you can not say anything else
- Those who have spoken, pass the talking stick after he / she feels understood
- Defensive and negative energy is transformed into creative energy

It is:
- thinking together and not for each other
- using similarities and differences
- encouraging involvement
- everybody speaks (their desires and frustrations)
- listening empathically to and reflect on shared experiences

 Why a circle around the fire?
- the circle symbolizes equality, the talking stick goes from hand to hand
- sitting in a circle stimulates togetherness
- fire brings peace
- fire encourages reflection in silence
- fire has a transformative power

This circle can occur for you household or family

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