Company sweatlodge

The sweat lodge is an ideal environment to sit together with your colleagues from your essence and discuss certain themes.
Staying in darkness, sitting on the earth creates an openness within the group that ensures that you get to know each other on a deeper level and get insight for each other's qualities but also pitfalls and challenges.

The sweat lodge ceremony is:
- an ancient tradition
- a ritual of all races and times
- a powerful experience that stimulates all of our senses and organs
- purifies the body of toxins, stress and superfluous energetic ballast that we carry unconsciously
- enables us to transform our lives and see the way we experience the world around us from a new perspective
- to deepen our understanding of what life really means and to be open to innovation and well-being.

Duration of this activity: full day (6 to 7 hours) Max 30 pers

For more information or a price offer you can contact us via or via 0479 29 79 29