Singing circle


This day is dedicated to teaching and sharing sacred songs from all spiritual traditions.  

Songs of power and connection.
From Icaros from the Amazon to mantras from the Himalayas. From Native American to African. 
These songs can be sung at meetings around the fire, in sweat lodges, prayer circles, ceremonies, rituals, ... 
So, do you know songs and share them or do you just wish to learn songs? 

Place: The Key of Life, Nuchten 98, 9506 Idegem
Contribution: 30 euros including singing book and recordings
Dates 2024: 4/02 2 pm to 5 pm  2022
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Practical We are expecting you at 1.45 pm, starting at 2 pm p.m. @ The Key Of Life, Nuchten 98, 9506 Idegem.
End provided at 5 pm.
If you come by train, choose Zandbergen station (between Denderleeuw and Geraardsbergen) and give us a call so that we can pick you up. 

We provide: coffee, tea, water and a biscuit, a songbook and recordings after the workshop. 
Bring along: Musical instruments 

Sometimes we also organize circles that continue throughout the day, in this case: We open the circle in the workshop in the afternoon and after a light vegetarian meal we gather around the fire in our Maloka to sing our intentions into the world.