Original ideas for rite of passage

Looking for original ideas per stage of life?  

Every culture divides life into stages such as birth, puberty, marriage or living togehter, and death. Before and after these events, life is completely different. As with the birth of a child, coming into the world, the wonder, a gift on earth, celebration or as with the transition from child to young adult, one will not only experience physical changes, but the child will get a completely new position. The child is no longer a child, but a young adult into an adultworld with new rights, obligations, but also responsibilities. This is the same with marriage, we leave our single life behind us and tie the knot together. We will no longer be the single man or woman but part of a commitment. Or when we are ready to leave this world and move on to another reality ... these are all important events in our lives and especially important to give the necessary attention so that we do not get stuck in some period or another. our life.

A ritual especially made for you can be a possiblity to celebrate this new phase in life.

So do you have an important moment in your life to celebrate or you are looking for an original spring festival ritual or birth ritual, do you want to ask someone to marry or do you want your marriage to be consecrated by a master of ceremonies?




We take care of the ritual for your birth feast, spring festival, a new phase of life, fraternization, companionship, moment of love, bachelor party, divorce, .. 
You can also contact us for taking leave of loved ones, a dear person or a dear pet.








During a conversation we determine the intention and the content of the ritual. 
This ritual can take place @ The Key Of Life or any other place you desire.








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