“A whole life can be shaped by an old trauma, remembered or not.”
-- Lenore Terr

Why choose trauma coaching?

Choosing trauma coaching is choosing to live your life to fullest.

Do you suffer from one of the following experiences, then trauma coaching is for you:
- are you stuck in your daily life or do you get stuck if you want to take certain actions?
- does fear, self-doubt takes over?
- are you running away from certain circumstances or people?
- are you often in the defense, do you feel aggression coming up during certain interactions or do you often get involved in a discussion?

Certain unwanted reactions occur when you react from trauma. Whether it is a minor or major trauma, it manifests itself unwillingly and unexpectedly. A word, situation or a combination of circumstances is sufficient to be triggered into a reaction pattern.

Reaction patterns can be:
When you get stuck in certain situations you may go into 'freeze', this is a situation where you can no longer act and you stiffen. When you overreact in certain situations, you may go into the 'fight', you feel powerless and misunderstood at that moment. When you walk away from certain people or ignore certain situations, you may go into 'flight', it will all become too much, you can not see reality.

What can you expect during a trauma session?

We start from a safe and familiar environment.
We will work on your reaction pattern and use little movements to bring movement into the trauma
These can be physical exercises but also creative exercises or visualizations

Would you like more info about trauma sessions or are you interested in an intake interview?
You can contact Carla via or via 0479 29 79 29

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