Soul Retrieval

“The task is not to search for meaning, but to bring meaning to every situation you are in.”
-- Alberto Villoldo

In a traumatic event it can happen that a part of the soul removes in order not to fully experience the pain. This "loss of soul" is a kind of protection mechanism. When a part of the soul splits off and does not return, this can result in emotional, physical and spiritual problems.

Soul loss can occur during an accident, a strong emotional event such as a death, another traumatic event.

Can this be something for you?
- you feel that you are no longer 'whole', that you no longer feel like your old self
- you have consciously had an out of body experience
- you often feel apathetic
- you do not feel at home in the world
- you see yourself repeating patterns from your family
- you suffer from fatigue or lack of energy
- you feel 'empty'
- your relationships are difficult
- you do not feel 'really' present

What can you expect during a session?
- a safe and familiar environment is created
- we will journey into the shamanistic worlds to look for this lost part of the soul
- the soul part found will be blown into the client's body in a certain way
- aftercare

Would you like more info about Soul Retrieval sessions or are you interested in an intake interview?
You can contact Carla via or via 0479 29 79 29

Formations I have followed:
Personal training by Juan Carlos Espana Mueses from Colombia
Advanced Shamanic Skills, Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds
Jaartraining Energy Medicine Training, Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds
Opleiding Peggy Dylan
Opleiding Roel Crabbe
Jaartraining Interakt Centrum voor meergenerationele psychotraumatologie gebaseerdop de werkwijze van dr. Franz Ruppert
Jaartraining Familie en organisatie opstelling Indra Torsten Preiss
Jaartraining Lichamelijk coachen Arend Van Rietschoten
Creatieve therapie  en creatief Agogisch Coachen, VSPW Gent
Master Visualisatie coach Openmind
Trauma essentials en jaartraining trauma pro, Openmind centrum