4 element sweatlodge

Data 2024: 14/01 (Fire),  14/04 (Earth),  15/09 (Water),  24/11 (Air)

Sweatlodge FIRE 14/01

This sweat lodge is preceded by a fire ceremony that consists of:
- the relationship FIRE-TOBACCO (tabaco sagrado).
You learn to load a 'tabaquito' and the finesse around its use
- communicating with the creative power (letting go and confirming). Based on the Huichol - Tatewari tradition 

Participation: 50 euros all material included


Sweatlodge EARTH 14/04

This sweat lodge is preceded by a Pachamama ritual 
- 'Pago a la tierra' is a typical Peruvian ritual where you are invited to realize that literally everything you own comes from the Mother Earth.    
From the food on your plate to the drink in your glass.
From the fibers from which your clothing has been made to the bricks of your house.
From the metal from which your car is built to the fuel with which it drives.
- In this ritual we pay back, as it were, what we owe to the Earth for the abundance with which it tells us daily. 

Participation: 50 euros all material included


Sweatlodge WATER 15/09

This sweat lodge is followed by a water ceremony 
- Before entering the hut we prepare ceremonially 'Agua de Florida', a sacred tea of ??medicinal plants and flowers
- After the hut we receive the blessings of this water 
Participation: 50 euros all materials included

Sweatlodge AIR 24/11

This sweat lodge is preceded by breath work    
Participation: 50 euros all material included






Register via https://tickets.thekeyoflife.be/

What to bring?
A piece of fruit to eat in between
A meal to share after the first sweat lodge
A shawl, swimsuit / bikini, ... (optional) and a towel / bathrobe
Slippers or shoes that easily go on and off and that you can leave at the sweat lodge
Clothing adapted to the weather
Musical instruments
50 euro

What do we provide?
Soup and bread after the sweat lodges and during the day coffee, tea and a biscuit
Parking: please drive in and park at the top
When you come for the first time, the GPS indicates at the beginning of the street that you have reached your destination, drive another 100 meters further to number 98 (high wall with gate).
If you come by train, choose Zandbergen station (between Denderleeuw and Geraardsbergen) and give us a call on 0479 29 79 29

take a light breakfast and drink plenty of water the days before and the days themselves

Heart complaints, varicose veins, blood pressure problems? First contact your doctor