Open atelier

Creation from within 

Through a visualization, meditation, dance we start with a material of choice and give shape to our experience. This experience is the adventure in which you will learn to look at your own talents and creations with wonder.
Being creative and making a connection between the inner world and the outside world is the best medicine there is. It is nourishing, enlightening and generates courage, freedom and inspiration that make it easier to break old patterns in a fun and positive and safe way.

Analyzing our work can provide awareness and insight. Insight into emotions that you are not yet aware of or can not yet express....  It is going back to your essence, to who you really are. 

During this session we will work with pastels, charcoal, paint (wet in wet technique) and clay.  

For whom?
For young (from 12 years) and old who want to be creative and intuitive.  

On Tuesdays from 7:30 pm to 10 pm 

Data 2019: no dates planned at this moment
Please notife us in advance if you will be there so that I know how many people I can prepare for. 

20 euros (material, coffee, tea and a biscuit included) 
Experience is absolutely not required



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