"What is the name of desire?" She asks the sage. After a long search, he answers her: "The desire is what you call it. You can only name it yourself. Sometimes there is suddenly a spark that stops you wondering and at the same time makes you go on your way. One thing I can tell you; the name of desire means coming home.

The sweat lodge ceremony is an ancient tradition. A ritual of all races and times. We will sit down and sweat in a round hut representing the womb of the earth (the receptive, caring force). In the fire pit, the representation of the sun (the dynamic and creative power), the stones are made red-hot. The stones are then, as if it were 'sperm cells', brought into the 'womb' to fertilize the lives and consciousness of the participants. Enabling the possibility of rebirth.

Our approach is inspired by the traditions of the East, West, South and North. The sweat lodge ceremony includes 4 doors (or rounds), each of which is devoted to a wind direction and the corresponding aspects of the body. We work with the power of songs, sound, intentions, focus of attention, prayer (in a non-religious context), the word and the silence.

Entering this 'womb' is a powerful experience that stimulates all of our senses and organs. The body cleanses of toxins, stress and unnecessary energetic ballast that we carry unconsciously. The ceremony allows us to transform our lives and see the way we experience the world around us from a new perspective. To deepen our understanding of what life really means and to be open to innovation and well-being.

Address: Nuchten 98, 9506 Idegem
When:Arriving at 10:30, fire on at 11:00
Contribution: 50 euro
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Dates 2024: 14/01 (Fire), 3/02 women sweatlodge, 17/03 women sweatlodge, 14/04 (Earth), 26/05 Herbal sweatlodge, 18/08 Herbal sweatlodge, 15/09  (Water), 20/10 woman sweatlodge, 2/11 Ancester sweatlodge, 24/11 (Air)

Date: Parentchild sweatlodges 2024:  http://thekeyoflife.be/en/parent-child sweatlodge
Date: women sweatlodges 2024:
3/02, 17/03, 20/10
Date: 4 element sweatlodge 2023:  see info below 14/01 (Fire), 14/04 (Earth), 15/09  (Water), 24/11 (Air)
Date: Ancestor sweatlodge  2024:
2/11 ancestor

The 4 elements sweat lodges (50 euros)
In these 4 sweat lodges we connect in a deep and intense way with the 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air.
Each lodge is preceded by a ceremony to initiate the connection with the element that will be celebrated in the lodge at that time. 

Fire element: Fire ceremony + sweat lodge of the East
Element Earth: Pago a la tierra ceremony + sweat lodge of the South
Element Water: Holy water ceremony + sweat lodge of the West
Element air: Sacred breath ceremony + sweat lodge of the

The ancestor sweat lodge (50 euros)
This sweat lodge is dedicated to the ancestors and will end with a ritual food offering to our ancestral place.
In our culture we visit our beloved deceased on their last resting place on November 1st.
In Mexico, the day of the dead is celebrated exuberantly.
The Celtic tradition celebrates this moment as a new beginning, a new life cycle and a moment when the world of the ancestors is closest to our material world.
We will give our ancestors a place in our prayers during the hut and a place at the table during dinner to then offer a sacrifice to our ancestral place where you can address your ancestors

The herbal Steam sweatlodge (50euro)
In the herbal sweatlodges of 'Herbal steam', the focus is not so much on the intense heat. We are offered the opportunity to deeply cleanse ourselves through native herbs in the moist uterine warmt of herbal steam. We work in 4 stages with 4 different herbal preparations for the intense cleansing of our physical, emotional, mental en spiritual body.

Sweatlodge of silence (50 euro)

In silence we will experience the tranformationale experience of the sweatlodge

Bubble sweatlodge sweatlodge
We have build a small sweatlodge so we can provide also sweatlodges 1 to 1 or for a small group of friends or family.


Register via contact@thekeyoflife.be

What to bring?
A piece of fruit to eat in between
A meal to share after the first sweat lodge
A shawl, swimsuit / bikini, ... (optional) and a towel / bathrobe
Slippers or shoes that easily go on and off and that you can leave at the sweat lodge
Clothing adapted to the weather
Musical instruments
50 euro

What do we provide?
Soup and bread after the sweat lodges and during the day coffee, tea and a biscuit
Parking: please drive in and park at the top
When you come for the first time, the GPS indicates at the beginning of the street that you have reached your destination, drive another 100 meters further to number 98 (high wall with gate).
If you come by train, choose Zandbergen station (between Denderleeuw and Geraardsbergen) and give us a call on 0479 29 79 29

take a light breakfast and drink plenty of water the days before and the days themselves

Heart complaints, varicose veins, blood pressure problems? First contact your doctor