Shamanic energy healing

"Healing is not necessary about curing.
As your inner light grows, everything is possible."

--Alberto Villoldo

Shamanic Luminous Energy Field healing





During these healing sessions we work with the energetic field (LEF: Luminous Energy Field) This can be a chakra healing, an illumination, an extraction, but can also be done in combination with a soul retrieval depending on what is present. In addition to the energetic, we will also work on raising awarness.

When can a session be something for you?
- you suffer from fears, you do not feel safe or displaced
- you often attack or have a tendency to escape things
- you suffer from fatigue or lack of energy
- your relationships are difficult
- you feel the presence of a different energy

What can you expect during a session?
- a safe and familiar environment is created
- we do a decoupling exercise to work on the fight and flight
- we will look for energetic imbalance
- work is being done on energetic connections
- work is being done with awareness
- we work with archetypes

Would you like more info about these sessions or are you interested in an intake interview?
You can contact Carla via or via 054 24 08 39

Formations I followed:
Personal training by Juan Carlos Espana Mueses from Colombia
Advanced Shamanic skills, Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds
Jaartraining Energy Medicine Training, Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds 
Opleiding Peggy Dylan
Opleiding Roel Crabbe
Jaartraining Interakt Centrum voor meergenerationele psychotraumatologie gebaseerdop de werkwijze van dr. Franz Ruppert
Jaartraining Familie en organisatie opstelling Indra Torsten Preiss
Jaartraining Lichamelijk coachen Arend Van Rietschoten
Creatieve therapie  en creatief Agogisch Coachen, VSPW Gent
Master Visualisatie coach Openmind
Trauma essentials en jaartraining trauma pro, Openmind