Wim has been passionate about and inspired by nature in all its forms since his earliest childhood. In his search for what it means to truly be a Man he came into contact with many teachers from the most diverse traditions by participating in numerous ceremonies. The shamanic view, the realization that man is part of nature and all that with each other intertwined, made him a traveler on the Path of the Heart. Walking that Path meant, as it were, an initiation through Life itself. A daily practice of being in service to the larger whole. Through awareness, directing attention and a deep respect for All that Is, he came to a way of life that greatly deepened the feeling of coming home in the circle of Humanity


He is fascinated by working with fire in all its aspects. He is a singer of transpersonal songs from the spiritual dimension of many traditions. An evocation and an activation of the divine aspect that resides in the heart of every human being