Bubble sweatlodge

We have build a smaller sweatlodge so we can offer 1 to 1 sweatlodges or sweatloges for 4-6 friends or 4-6 members of your family

The sweat lodge ceremony is an ancient tradition. A ritual of all races and times. We will sit down and sweat in a round hut representing the womb of the earth (the receptive, caring force). In the fire pit, the representation of the sun (the dynamic and creative power), the stones are made red-hot. The stones are then, as if it were 'sperm cells', brought into the 'womb' to fertilize the lives and consciousness of the participants. Enabling the possibility of rebirth.

Our approach is inspired by the traditions of the East, West, South and North. The sweat lodge ceremony includes 4 doors (or rounds), each of which is devoted to a wind direction and the corresponding aspects of the body. We work with the power of songs, sound, intentions, focus of attention, prayer (in a non-religious context), the word and the silence.

Entering this 'womb' is a powerful experience that stimulates all of our senses and organs. The body cleanses of toxins, stress and unnecessary energetic ballast that we carry unconsciously. The ceremony allows us to transform our lives and see the way we experience the world around us from a new perspective. To deepen our understanding of what life really means and to be open to innovation and well-being.

Price: per person 140 euro when you are on your own, 90 euro per person for 2 persons or 80 per person if you are with 4 à 6 persons
 Nuchten 98, 9506 Idegem
Booking: contact@thekeyoflife.be or call  054 24 08 39