Death Lodge

It is a ritual in which:

- we are going to heal our past
- Say goodbye to self-identification with our current way of being
- preparing us for a new phase of life

It is the death of our old way of being


- introduction to the ritual
- taking our masks
- building your personal cabin where you spend the night
- the ritual ends with a sweat lodge the next morning.
The inner work in which we investigate and heal our past helps us to:
- complete unfinished business that costs us a lot of energy and blur our vision
- you go back to important events and encounters with people.
   The fact that you are on your way to your death will shed a different light on the situation.
- you think about how you use your talents in your life
- you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses
- you explore your relationship with the Great Mystery throughout your life
- you will meet people who have played an important role in Spirit.
   An invitation to say what needs to be said, to do what is still to be done and to forgive what still needs to be forgiven
- you will express your gratitude for the role these people have played in your life and for the
   role you played in their lives.

Healing your relationships and healing these relationships is often the most important work during this hut
This Death Lodge is
- a process of awareness of what is going on in ourselves and who we are in relation to
- opening us to new possibilities
- making the choice between just getting old or passionate and knowingly getting old
When? Sat 8/06 from 12:30 until Sunday 09/06 2 pm. The Deathlodge itself takes from sunset to sunrise (we don't sleep so provide enough rest)
Place: The Key Of Life, Nuchten 98, 9506 Idegem
Participation? 110 euro

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If you come by train choose station Zandbergen (Geraardsbergen-Denderleeuw) and give us a call with hour of arrival 0479 29 79 29. The end is scheduled Saturday around 2 pm.

What to bring?
A mattress
Clothing adapted to the weather (especially to sit outside at night and be well protected against mosquitoes, provide long pants, stockings, long shirt, ...)
Mosquito repellent
Make sure you have eaten
Also provide a towel, shawl or swimsuit for the sweat lodge
Small towel + washcloth (after the mask)
Musical instruments (drum, ratchet, ...)

We provide?
Fruit on Friday
Soup + breakfast on Saturday after the sweat lodge
Water, tea and a biscuit
The rest of the material