Personal leadership

My reality or ours...TheTeamGame...
A voyage of discovery to the fire within yourself


This game was designed from the realization that there are often a few things that falter when people live together. When everyone is aware of his or her own strength, everything goes easier.
The ultimate goal of the game is therefore to help each player to act from his own core and discover what everyone else's personal leadership means




To achieve this, each player is invited to consciously reflect on its potential and possibilities     
- By looking at what motivates you and how you can (partly) realize your own objective at work
- Wants to learn what it really means to take responsibility for what presents itself in your life
- Wants to get to know yourself and your colleagues better
- To gain insight into certain relationships that can improve the relationship within the team, the department or the company
- Intensify your coaching skills



The Leadership Game offers many insights
- Who am I? How do I look at myself? How do I look at the world?   
- What is important to me? What do I stand for? What do I want?     
- How do I explain myself? How do I deal with others?    
- How do others see and experience me?  
- What does it mean to really listen?
- Do I trust? Do my colleagues trust?     
- Can I give and receive a rating?        
- Can I give and receive feedback?


The Leadership Game is an important tool for employers who:
- Striving for integrity and integral organizations in which people work together for something     
- Want to formulate and realize new objectives with their organization, a department or team     
- Believe in the human capital of their company and want to invest in the personal leadership of their people  
- Knowing that there is more potential than what shows itself     
- Want to make the most of the complementarity of their employees     
- Are convinced that motivated and committed employees work more efficiently   
- An enthusiastic and motivated team wanting to take a new step


Duration time: 2 days, minus 8 players, max 16 players 
For more information and a price quote: or via 0479 29 79 29 Carla