Mutual dependence, real cooperation, is born if you do not think in terms of competition, but of winning together. Competition belongs in the market, not within companies or within families.
Stephen R. Covey


Execute assignments that directly contribute to a more pleasant working environment and better business results. If you want to be the best out of a (wo) man, you must look the best that is in (her) him. Bernard Haldane.

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Decision making with attention and appreciation for other views around the fire.
Good communication connects!

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Core qualities

By understanding the core quadrant® we understand more about the deeper origins of effective communication, successful partnerships and conflicts.

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Walk the fire

What is the magic of a tradition that is as old as the world and that inspires and transforms so many people today?

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Arrow break

  • empowerment & focus
  • breaking through uncertainty doubt, fear,...
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Company sweatlodge

The sweatlodge is an ideal way to sit  together with your colleagues from      your essence and discuss certain       themes.
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