Sweatlodge and trancedans

Chante Ishta - Eyes of the Heart (Lakota)

Sweatlodge and TranceDance

with Mukta Shilki Pakarina and Nirava Dainotto

The feet will begin to dance and the heart will express its melody.
A meeting in which, through the trance dance, the sound, the breath,
the sweat lodge we find our roots, our center,
strengthen our presence, expand the space of the heart.
From movement to silence, from roots to the heart.
When we have found the center of our existence,
we discover both our roots and our wings ..........  
The wings of the Heart



Sweatlodge, Inipi, Temazcal

The Sweat lodge originally has been used all over the world as a Sacred Healing Ceremony of Purification to prepare the participants for a further ceremony or to reconnect them with the wisdom of the ancestors, the 4 elements, to release toxins on a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual level and to relax the senses. The Sacred Fire representing the male principle (the Sun) warm up the Stones which represent the Ancient Memories (our Ancestors, the seed of counsciousness), when they become incandescent they are introduced in four rounds ( four directions, four elements) in the Lodge which represent the female principle (the womb of Mother Earth). Aromatic medicinal plants to blessed the Stones, Water of Life that produce the hot steam once poured on the stones, prayers and medicine songs accompany this ceremonial of purification in the total darkness of the Lodge, helping us to remember who we truly are and where we come from. To become the best version of ourselves


Mukta Shilki Pakarina is born in Italy in the 1971 and considers herself a citizen of the world.
Soul in a human body experience, seeker of truth, Tai Chi Chuan Yang style teacher (since 2004), Rebirther (since 2006), Vision Quester (since 2009), Sannyasin (Osho disciple since 2009), Joint Release practitioner (since 2011), Chanupa carrier (since 2018), Temazcalera FSI (since 2019).
Crafter, artist, story teller, traveller, singer, dancer, friend, Sister, lover of Nature.

Since 1995 she focuses her attention on: introspection, transformation of emotional blocks, research of tools that allows her to grow as a human that expresses her own potential. Her dedication goes to finding ways to support others to develop themselves. Since 2004 she attend to Sweatlodge of Lakota traditions and from 2015 Temazcales of Fuego Sagrado of Itzachilatlan tradions

Since 2006 she shares her experience with the circular connected and continuous breathing (Rebirthing) offering individual sessions and since 2009 workshops and a one year course.
Her experience is enriched by shamanic encounters in Guatemala, Siberia, Brazil and since 2002 the annual European Rainbow Gathering. Since 2015 she is working with Association Fuoco Sacro, guided by Satiago Andrade Leon, Medicine man from Ecuador of the Fuego Sagrado of Itzachilatlan. She became Chanupa carrier in August 2018 and temazcalera (sweatlodge facilitator) in August 2019.
Her knowledge has been empowered by several experiences with medicinal plants, the participations in Native American Indians ceremonies (Star Dance, Sun Dance), Family Constellations groups, Osho active meditations and Primal (deconditioning of the childhood), Reiki initiations (1st&2nd level), Trance Dance, Course of macrobiotica (vegetarian since 1996 with an experience of 4 years as veganist), Transcendental Meditation, 10 days Vipassana Meditation, Circle of Women, music and devotional chanting (mantra and medicine songs). Her way to approach people is with respect of the individual time of growing, to awaken the self healer in everyone. She knows that she is just a tool, everyone is the only responsable to become the Master of his/her own life.


Trance Dance: the dance of life

What is Trance Dance ?
Dance as a form of expression, as a vehicle for entering into trance, dates back thousands of years.
In fact its roots go back to forty thousand years, to the times of our ancestors. Among the healing rituals practiced by shamans the Trance Dance is the open space through which the spirit celebrates the existence within us.
Through Trance Dance we alter our consciousness and enter a new reality, what can be called "the spirit world", beyond time and space where everything is possible.
Through ancient patterns of breathing, movements and rhythms that have direct action on the brain, the dancers begin to "see" with the senses rather than with their eyes.
Images of other eras and other forms are revealed and the dancers' consciousness is filled by the magical world of the Spirit; while the body dances the soul travels between memories, not caring about the limits of this life, not caring about the limits of time and space.
The dance itself is rooted in the heart of each individual. In the ecstasy of dance the separation between this and the other world dissolves.
A strong energy is awakened, a strong vitality expands, the body heals through movement.
Trance Dance induces respect, passion and love: the three essences of spirituality.
Anyone can experience Trance Dance.
Dancing is one of the greatest joys of life, a real gift when you can do it naturally, without controlling your movements.
Dancing, expressing emotions, laughing, singing, shouting are the ingredients of this trance dance, which allows you to get in touch with yourself, drawing on a primary source of psychophysical well-being.


Anand Nirava
, explorer and guide in the world of energy and natural health. The other sacred name is Absa Owaci Waste.
Win: crow dancing woman, in the Lakota language
I lead the neo-shamanic path “The Path of the Heart: The way of Energizers ” - Path of inner growth with a spiritual orientation to life. My qualifications: Holystic Counselor & Trainer specialized respectively in Shamanism, Trance Dance and Subtle Body Healing, Aum Leader and Peace Ambassador certified by Humaniversity (Netherlands), Heart Meditation Teacher, Essential Life Consultant, Naturopath, Reiki Master, Subtle Body Heale.

My life is sharing practices and disciplines for the awareness awakening.
My goal today is to make people reconnect with their essence and express it in daily life which is sacred and must be lived with passion, presence, coherence and fullness.
My field of action is bio-natural disciplines and techniques for personal growth.
Among these, in particular, the shamanic path and the path inspired by Osho's work. I received them when I wanted and needed them, and when I opened up to their possibilities. Since I have experienced the power and strength directly, in the years of experience I have combined them in a new and original way to harmonize them with my vision, with my identity and with my intent. My research has progressively expanded to include the "arts of well-being" up to counseling: the supportive relationship that helps "become oneself". My holistic counseling, in which I use my shamanic approach, helps to become aware of one's potential for self-transformation and personal power.
As an operator, I intervene to balance the personal energy with the techniques that are more appropriate to the person's situation. I conduct individual sessions of: Subtle Body Healing, Chakra Rebalancing, Essential Life Consulting, Drum Healing Session, Soul Retrevial , Reiki, Reiki for Animals, Holistic Massage, Naturopathy.

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