Love Consciousness


A deep exploration of the way we love in romantic relationships

Intimate relationships ignite a deep longing for merging and togetherness in us. We look for a safe and loving home in the other. But loving and being loved comes with its complex territory. Many wounds from the past have left us feeling undeserving of love and with a heightened sensitivity for rejection and abandonment.
Behind the hopes, fantasies and beliefs about love, lurk the triggers of our wounds, as well as the challenge of bridging the differences between us.
‘Love Consciousness’ allows an understanding into the ways we love in deep and healing ways. We explore what happens when we bring acceptance of who we discover and honestly into the relationship.
Relationships are mysterious in many ways and ‘Love Consciousness’ allows every participant to let their personal mystery unfold. Together, we discover what connects between us and what takes away respect and trust. We look at how it feels living in the skin as men and women, as well as, further deepen our understanding of the qualities we had to abandon due to trauma or conditioning.
This process is driven by authenticity instead of ideals or morality. We uncover and embrace our wounds and the resulting roles. This powerful meeting with our vulnerable self, (that carries true strength) forms the foundation for self-love and the building of significant connections.
When we accept that we’re always in the right relationship (whether good or bad), we can begin to look at why we find ourselves in them in the first place. This way we bring back the choice needed to decide to stay or leave, as well as, use our realizations as a source of learning and healing.
In this weekend intensive, you will explore some of the core dynamics that drive all relationships to understand what creates and hurts connection, trust, and responsibility, and how to express your needs in healthy ways. You will take a step closer to understanding how to live together, while acknowledging the differences between us.
Many small and large interventions will support you in clarifying what you’re facing in your relationships and how to create the closeness you seek.
Join this powerful experiential retreat filled with experiences that allow you to put the pieces together. Relax into seeing that love is not unconditional and come to know the true benefit of relationship.
‘Love Consciousness’ will teach you a new language with yourself and the other.

Techniques and work method

This process will be interactive and experiential. For every theme we cover, there will be a short theoretical introduction followed by individual or group work. Sharings, different forms of inquiry, family constellation, bio-energetics, and movement will form the basis of our work together.

Who this process is for …

This retreat will benefit people who seek to connect authentically and truthfully in relationships. The process is suitable for singles and couples. Join this deep and insightful process and create a new foundation of relating.

Date: 5 and 6/10 from 10 am - 6 pm @ The Key Of Life, Nuchten 98, 9506 Idegem
Participation: 330 euro per person (tea, coffee, soup, dinner included)

Subscription only possible untill the end of july so we can arrange plain tickets and so on time....

The facilitator Milan Karmeli from Tel Aviv

Milan creates a safe and honest meeting for every participant with him or herself, that opens the door for true inner connection and transformation. He has facilitated inquiries into relationship dynamics over the past 10 years with groups and individuals in the Middle East and across Europe. His training and experience in Family Constellations, Trauma work, Bio-energetics, and Shadow Integration, coupled with his unique facilitation approach have enabled women and men to intimately and safely know themselves, forming a new basis of relating with one another.

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