Rebirthing: The Breath that becomes a circle

The Breath that Becomes a Circle
Introduction to a Rebirthing Breathwork

This residential workshop is an opportunity to take a deep look to our origins and to transform our believes in a protected and safe environment. It is offered for a maximum of 10 participants. The experiences we live during our birth will affect the way we interpretate and co-create situations in Life.
The Birth Scenario (conception, pregnancy, delivery, one year after the birth), contains all the blue prints that will develop the repetitive patterns towards our relation with Love, Abundance, Sexuality, Emotions, Life. Breathing is a natural action that allowed us to keep our body alive.
The quality and the way we breath make of this natural action a powerful instrument of inner transformation. Rebirthing is a breathing technique that allows to easily integrate the awareness of ourselves through the knowledge of our birth trauma. It was discovered and perfected in 1973 by Leonard Orr, an American psychotherapist and researcher of oriental disciplines. By a connected breath without pauses between inhale and exhale (fetus's breathing) and using creative thoughts, is possible to redirect our life from a new perspective, connecting our core with the core of the universe. This way of breathing give a nice sensation of renovation and inner strength fostering our immune system. This method is particularly useful to those who went through surgical, or long-term pharmaceutical treatment, for those who suffer from asthma, psoriasis, insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, psychosomatic disorders and for pregnant women.
The Breath work is conduced by Claudia Mukta Parrini who works with the Rebirthing Breathing technique since 2004. Tai Chi Chuan Teacher, Vision quester, Singer, Story teller, Art crafter and Lover of Nature combines her natural skills and knowledge to promote inner awareness and transformation. Her goal is to support the awakening of the inner healer that resides in each one of us, in the respect of his/her own time and pace.
The program of the weekend will be in tune with the energy and the dynamics of the group so it may be subject to change

Saturday From 11.00 to 19.00 We will work on the Birth Scenario of everyone, in between we will take 2 pauses, one for a light meal and the second for a light snack, tea, energetic movements to keep the focus high. Afterwards the first breathwork session will take place with the support of medecine songs. We will end the day with a sharing circle.

Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00 we will work on the worst thought we have about ourselves, in between we will take 2 pausese for a light snack, tea, energetic movements to keep the focus high. Afterwords will take place the second Breathwork session with the support of medicine songs. We will end the workshop with a sharing circle??.
To participate an informal interview is required
Energy exchange 125 euro (inclusive of breath work, warm biologic meals, hot beverage, sleep over) a down payment of 50 euro is required to confirm the participation

info and aubscription:

Arriving around 10:30 we start at 11:00
Place: The Key Of Life, Nuchten 98, 9506 Idegem

Energy exchange: 125 euro
hot beverage, a soup for Saturday evening, overnight stay in the atelier and breakfast for sunday morning

What to bring:
all that you need to sleep comfortably in the atelier, a clothes change, fruit and nuts to share, a personal object for the altar, your will and curiosity to discover your inner self.

To register:

There are some information to gather to participate to the group, the list of them will be sent after the registration.
If you have more question write an email to:


Claudia Mukta Parrini 
born in Italy in the 1971 and considers herself a citizen of the world. 

Soul in a human body experience, seeker of truth, Tai Chi Chuan Yang style teacher (since 2004), Rebirther (since 2006), Vision Quester (since 2009), Sannyasin (Osho disciple since 2009), Joint Release practitioner (since 2011), crafter, artist, story teller, traveller, singer, dancer, friend, Sister, lover of Nature.
Since 1995 she focuses her attention on: introspection, transformation of emotional blocks, research of tools that allows her to grow as a human that expresses her own potential. Her dedication goes to finding ways to support others to develop themselves.
Since 2005 she shares her experience with the circular connected and continuous breathing offering individual sessions and since 2008 workshops and a one year course.
Her experience is enriched by shamanic encounters in Italy, Guatemala, Siberia, Brazil and partecipating since 2002 to the annual European Rainbow Gathering. 
Since 2015 she is learning the Fuego Sagrado of Itzachilatlan knowledge to offer, in a couple of years, sweatlodges.
Her knowledge has been empowered by several experiences with medicinal plants, the participations in Native American Indians ceremonies, Family Constellations groups, Osho active meditations and Primal (deconditioning of the childhood), Reiki initiations (1st&2nd level), Trance Dance, Course of macrobiotica (vegetarian since 1996 with an experience of 4 years as veganist), Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Circle of Women, music and devotional chanting (mantra and medicine songs).
Her way to approach people is with respect of the individual time of growing, to awaken the self healer in everyone.
She knows that she is just a tool, everyone is the only responsable to become the Master of his/her own life.



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