Rebirthing introduction


 The Breath that become a Circle

Introduction Rebirthing evening workshop
     (24/02, 24/03, 21/04,19/05, 16/06)
                     18:30 - 21:30

Hallo Everyone,

i am very happy to invite you to 5 Appointments to Reconnect with your breath, your body, your core.
This are open group sessions with Circular and connected Breathing.
We will use the cleanse and healing capacity of our breath to release tensions, toxins to gain more clarity in our thoughts, in our daily life. 
To relax our body, to understand where our emotions are coming from, to re-learn how to bring attention to our breath.
Those Events has the intention to support Us in this transformative time we are living in, reconnecting ourselves (through the breath work) to our essence, where our wisdom reside, to help us to walk in beauty through life.
There is no experience  needed to participate, it is a good opportunity to give yourself a treat!
This Circles can host from 6 to max 10 participants
We will start at 6.30pm sharp with a meditation, a little sharing circle, explanation of how connected breath works and then dive in the Breath Work experience.
I will accompany you through the journey with Medicine songs as a nice reminder of your core, we all have Medicine in our Hearts.
We will close the circle with a sharing and then ready to go back safely home around 9.30pm
Energy exchange is 30 euro
More info after registration, one week before the event. 
Your are very welcome to come to every dates or just to one
Feel free to invite a friend or a relative to come along
Hope to see you there
with Love and Gratitude


Claudia Mukta Parrini 
born in Italy in the 1971 and considers herself a citizen of the world. 

Soul in a human body experience, seeker of truth, Tai Chi Chuan Yang style teacher (since 2004), Rebirther (since 2006), Vision Quester (since 2009), Sannyasin (Osho disciple since 2009), Joint Release practitioner (since 2011), crafter, artist, story teller, traveller, singer, dancer, friend, Sister, lover of Nature.

Since 1995 she focuses her attention on: introspection, transformation of emotional blocks, research of tools that allows her to grow as a human that expresses her own potential. Her dedication goes to finding ways to support others to develop themselves.

Since 2005 she shares her experience with the circular connected and continuous breathing offering individual sessions and since 2008 workshops and a one year course.

Her experience is enriched by shamanic encounters in Italy, Guatemala, Siberia, Brazil and partecipating since 2002 to the annual European Rainbow Gathering. 
Since 2015 she is learning the Fuego Sagrado of Itzachilatlan knowledge to offer, in a couple of years, sweatlodges.

Her knowledge has been empowered by several experiences with medicinal plants, the participations in Native American Indians ceremonies, Family Constellations groups, Osho active meditations and Primal (deconditioning of the childhood), Reiki initiations (1st&2nd level), Trance Dance, Course of macrobiotica (vegetarian since 1996 with an experience of 4 years as veganist), Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Circle of Women, music and devotional chanting (mantra and medicine songs).

Her way to approach people is with respect of the individual time of growing, to awaken the self healer in everyone.
She knows that she is just a tool, everyone is the only responsable to become the Master of his/her own life.


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