Written from the heart, my truth

Written from the heart, my truth...

It is a time of much confusion, we don't really know what to believe, what to do, what to feel. Some of us just go on with our lives, others shut themselves off completely, others choose to go into the virtual interaction, some see only the negative, others see or feel only love and light. One may still go to work, the other no longer, one wants to go to work, the other would rather not, one is happy with the obligatory rest, the other does not know what to do with all that rest, one is mainly busy with themselves, the other especially with the others.

I stood there and I looked at it ... the only phrase that just kept going through my mind was "something is not right", "what are we enable to see" ...

On the one hand, I felt peace, but if I was very honest, It was not only peace that I felt, I felt more. At that point I could choose to flee in my daily life or I could choose to look into mirror again and dare to feel, although feeling was quite difficult with moments because there was also so much confusion, I felt inadequate, I noticed that I am not very concerned about myself but more about the others… all excuses for not having to feel what was going on in myself.

I took my time and allowed myself to feel, to dare to feel, what else do I feel besides the peace and confidence? Some kind of paralysis? I heard myself say, "but there are people who need certain help, what about them? Should we ignore all this now? "Is it really survivor of the fittest, everyone in their own home? It all felt double.

I decided to lie down in the couch and read a book, because at the moment I have nothing else to do, our business has been shut down ... but during this well-deserved rest I got a sledgehammer on my head, as it were ... an awareness that came in so hard I didn't know what to do with it. Fortunately, I was able to fall back on a number of people around me to exchange ideas. With all these wise words I went out into the garden, I sat down, I laid down, I spent hours in the garden hoping to reconnect with nature. Because if you can connect with nature, you connect with your own nature, with who you really are (I always tell people this).

When I lay tsown in my garden I was thinking:

Today, more than ever, it is an invitation to keep looking at yourself and others with an open heart. And for many, even that open heart is going to be an assignment, so I change my mind. It is an invitation to look at yourself and the other person in all honesty. We all respond from who we are and what we have experienced in life.

A big call is made on our hurt selves ... the parts of us that have not yet healed and that is what we see happening within and around us. We are unconsciously triggered and automatically go into a kind of survival pattern and for one that is completely shut itself off, for the other it is taking care of others. For one it is very cheerful to even ecstatic, for the other it is just sitting into darkness. One is no better than the other, it is especially good to monitor ourselves well and be gentle with ourselves and if we can see through these patterns we can look at the other with different eyes.

We are acting in a certain way, not to feel how we are touched in our fear, in our pain, in our being.

It is very normal to go into denial, it is very normal to get angry, it is very normal to want to do 'something' and it is above all an invitation to go through all these phases and ultimately to be able to come into acceptance.

Acceptance… I still notice the yo-yo effect. I notice that I need to talk with someone, to organize my thoughts, more than ever I feel the difference between my mind and my body. A sage once said "it's a long way from head to heart" but today it felt like both were in a completely different world.

Time to sit around the fire and ask Grandfather Fire for advice, because what's does that mean Acceptance?

Accepting what is, is giving things a place and making conscious choices from there, seeing clearly, feeling clearly. What do I really want, what contribution can and do I want to make to long-term change. And by long-term change I mean changes over generations, change that we may never see the results of.

It is being humble and don't let us confuse humility with lack of self-esteem. It is not putting ourselves in the foreground, it is daring to step out of our current way of doing things and see what it does to us. From this state we can see what we are willing to do. What is my willingness, what am I prepared for, what am I ready for, what do I wish for, what do I want? And then be able to act out of sincerity.

In other words we are given time to reflect on ourselves, decide for ourselves what we want. And yes, we have our opinion and our perspective on things and yes, we can share this opinion with others without convincing anyone, because it is our truth, it is our opinion, it is the conscious choice that we make.
It is responding from who we really are and not from who we think we should be. As a result, we come into contact with our authenticity self and we are no longer guided by expectations of others. It is to dare to choose life, to choose to try things out, regardless of whether we will succeed or not. Because if you sincerely do something, it does not matter whether you succeed in your intent, you are on the road, you dare to be honest with yourself, you dare to see yourself in all its forms, your mistakes, your shortcomings, your strengths. It is through falling and standing up that we always get to know ourselves better. It is by giving ourselves this that we can look at the other with different eyes. Without judgment which ensures that we can live in an honest way, we do what we say without a hidden agenda, we don't have to hide behind…

It is getting back in touch with who we really are and the only way to do this is to step out of the multiplicity and just sit under a tree, become still and see and feel. It is from this state that we can reach out to each other because yes this feels double (guilt and shame are popping up), there are people who work in care, etc. who have to keep going, more so, they have to walk past themselves ... one more reason to make the choice today, to see what your contribution can be so that we do not fall into our normal pattern once the storm has laid down and these people have given the best of themselves without further ado ... but that we consciously choosing change ... long-term change and it takes courage, it takes vision to choose long-term change and to choose change of which we may not see the result ourselves. Just the reason to choose from who we really are, to choose from purity ... to put our nose in the right direction.

And maybe we want to save a world we've never had, we hoped for too long that the system would do it for us. Hope is passive, hope is desirable, hope is comforting. What we need now is action, action with in mind that it is not going to be a quick fix but an evolutionary process that has actually been going on for a long time. We don't have to save anyone or anything ... life will continue, creation will continue, will we continue with the earth or will the earth shake us off if we don't listen

The truth lies within us, the truth lies in the 4 elements that are unshakable. Let us listen to the wind, let us listen to the water, let us listen to the fire, let us listen to the earth ... in other words. let us listen to our inner voice because we ourselves are those 4 elements, the earth is our body, the water resides in us, our inner fire is our passion and the air is how we communicate….

Where we are going with The Key Of Life is not yet clear, 1 thing is clear to me, I choose not to go back to where we are today and if this means that I have  to let the The Key Of Life go in his current capacity I will do, because I strongly believe that what I decide to do I will do well because it will be a choice that comes from peace, from silence. The silence in which everything is present.

It is spring, nature is making an outward movement, spring is about birth, everything is new, everything is fresh, everything is budding ... why does society, the world, just want us to make an inward movement and what do we need to do to not loose ourselves. I am not saying that we should go back into the street, but we should let life come back, like the juice flow that comes back into the tree through which the trees bud. The light, the water and the heat will cause the buds to become blossoms and eventually the tree will show its full regalia, it will make fruits, nuts, seeds… and that is what we also need to do… let us open to what comes, as if we were reborn and can see with new eyes, full of wonder.

Dare to choose the contribution you can make, no matter how small it may be ... it is okay to wave along with what is happening but stay awake, stay awake for what you really want, be the change you want to see in the world. As a coach, I realize all too well today what it is like to go through life without meaning ... because our job is suddenly no longer essential ... but is this so? As a post on facebook wrote if you doubt the importance of the artist, think about how you would go through this period without books, without music, ... funny that the government had previously skimped on cultural and artistic policy ...

We all know that things go hand in hand, without meaning in life we will slip away quickly, without social contact we will become fanatic and the more we are busy with ourselves, the more we lose touch with everything and everyone around us. Balance is more important than ever. Do not feel good for a moment but also dare to laugh, allow yourself to be confused, you will find your inner strength in that confusion, you will find love for yourself, the other person and life again. And take your time to grieve, it's time to say goodbye to what has been, acceptance is the place of silence.

Life hasn't stopped, it's just a little different, and maybe it just feels out of control or is it just an invitation to grab the wheel and choose a direction? Dare to choose every day again, the perseverant wins.

And was I able to make this up in my head? Yes, actually, I understood this very quickly in my head, but I chose to feel it on different levels, because then I can really believe it and it clicks in my system to stay somewhere forever ...

Our mission in The Key Of Life has always been to contribute to the bigger picture and to make people more aware and closer to themselves.

It was trial and error, it was a continuous invitation to get to know ourselves better and to accept ourselves for who we are. Thanks to all the people who have been our mirrors in this.

When there is a connection between people, in any form of collaboration, things that would otherwise not happen happen, Jim Coleman once wrote, and I would very much like to stand in that trust. From that trust will arise what should arise. Let us dream together ... because a life without dreams is like a garden without flowers ...

I choose to be and stay the place once so beautifully expressed by Mounia.

My experience @ the Key Of Life goes beyond words....
It's a place where I can find myself, a place with no judgement...a result of love and compassion.
It's a place where we speak from the heart to the heart and share our passion and creativity.
It's a place where I can nurture all my senses, A temple of recourcement.
Thank you for the warmth, smiles, tears and hugs...
Coming to the key of life is learning how to respect yourself and express your gratitude for life.

With all my heart, M.

And with this mail and this song I would like to give you a little bit of support, a litte bit of  encouragement.

The wind that comes from the mountains and brings us clarity.
The wind that comes from across the sea and bring us freedom.
The wind that comes from out of the desert and brings us the silence.
The wind that comes from the forest and brings us the memory (wisdom).



Fly with us