A new cousciousness opens…be who you are

A new cousciousness opens…be who you are

We have had the time to stand still for a moment, to ask ourself the question ‘what are we doing’, ‘what are we willing to do’ and as I have been writing in my first texte Our mission in The Key Of Life has always been to contribute to the bigger picture and to make people more aware and bring them closer to themselves. The mission of The Key Of Life was/is to create a place where people can be themselves, can be who they are, a safe haven to let things happen, to go through your fears and traumas, to choose for life instead over survive, a place to be reborn and embrace life.

And as you could read in my second texte
I had the time to sit down for a while and look through my own eyes to our gardenn because if you are busy day in day out  something quickly become business as usual. So I was looking with new eyes to our place, to our own garden of Eden and realize that what we created here is somehting that transcendent ourselves. What we have been doing the last years, is exactly what we need today. The Key Of Life is a place where you can come to do what scares you, because our healing is there where we are most afraid to go to.

I had a whole tekst ready in my head of what I wanted to write but suddenly I woke up at night with the message I should read the book of Gert De Smedt.
A few weeks ago he came to our place to give me this book in person with the message ‘as a token of appreciation for all the work you do’. I received it in busy times and as I felt it I immediatly wrote to him to bring me more bookq to sell here, even if I haven’t read it. Somethimes you need few words to feel a certain kind of trust. So last weekend I finally read the book and I thought why make a new tekst when everything I want to tell is already written. So I am happy to refer to this book ( I believe it will appear in english soon).  If I would write a book it would be this kind of book. Its exatly the work we do @ The Key Of Life, its what Gert does in daily life, its what a whole network of people is doing…so its nice to find somebody who suits you to walk together.
But let this book especially be a recognition of what is happening around us and inside us…lets us stop to fix the symptoms and lets us go to the core of the problem. Lets us go from multplicity to simplicity, let us go back to our essence, the place where we don’t need to find an answer because there are no questions, the place where we don’t need to find a solution because there are no problems, the place where we can be who we are (and yes it takes courage to do). I went through this proces serveral times with the result that I can be in the eye of the storm and not in the storm itself at this moment.
The moment to publish his book, is the perfect moment and he realizes this more and more every day. Thank you Gert that this book comes at the right moment so people can find some recognition.
Soooo we got an e-mail from the goverment we cannot do what we do untill the 28th of april and that the periode likely will be extended. The new measurements of yesterday are totally not a clear for us so we have to wait a little bit longer...

So somewhere in the future the Key Of Life will be back with trauma work, coaching and the workshops you can find online. If we can restart this summer we will provide a program for all ages.
We are still working on a new website but we want to ajust it to the new measurements otherwise we keep busy changing things. This also means that our agenda is not up to date and we will ajust it as soon as we know more.
Meanwhile, stay awake, keep on breathing in a profound way, and take one step at the time with trial and error. And if things are challenging, take a break, sit down and do nothing, dare to feel, dare to just embrace and again deeply  breathe and dare to look through new eyes, to yourself and your enviroment. And really do this, its important, if your are very busy or you have a lot of time, its important to step out of your daily being to get a clear vision. We are there for you, you can always reach us at 0479 29 79 29.
In lak’ech.
Wim en Carla